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Joseph-Courage, Redemption, Loyalty

Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

Joseph-Courage, Redemption, Loyalty


The story of Jesus begins in the first book of the Bible where we see Jesus’ redemptive story through Joseph. He seems so far removed from us, but his life can connect to ours in ways we haven’t seen before. Joseph was “someone whose biography occupies more space in Genesis than Adam, Noah, Abraham, or even his own father, Jacob.” (Charles Swindoll)


Joseph found himself in a pit of slavery with broken dreams. Because he was a man of integrity, loyalty and forgiveness, he moved from slavery to the pinnacle of power. When we read his story, it seems impossible for us to respond with forgiveness the same way Joseph did to betrayal, jealousy, despair, pride, power and deception. The principles we learn through this story are the same inward changes that are made through our redemptive walk with Christ. Jesus teaches us that we are no longer slaves to sin, but have been given a crown of glory.

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Genesis 44

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Part 6 Joseph Genesis 41:33-57

Genesis 41:33-57 ESV

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Genesis 37:12-36

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