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Do it big

Dec 2018 - Dec 2018

Do it big

Do we make such a big deal out of Christmas, that we forget what we are celebrating?  But maybe we should make a big deal because Jesus is a big deal. What if people could  see what happens when someone trusts Jesus with everything and their life is forever changed?  What if people experienced the sound of Joy that comes from a different kind of hope? If we take a moment to pause and smell the cookies in the oven, we might even get a chance to savor the moments.  Most importantly, we might have an opportunity to experience His love in a new big way. This Christmas I say we do it big, we see the sights, hear the sounds, savor the moments and experience His love.  

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Savor the moments

Luke 2:1-5 (NLT), Luke 2:6-7(NLT), Luke 2:8-12(NLT), Luke 2:13-17 NLT Luk

Dec 16, 2018

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Come hear the sounds

Luke 1:11-23 (NLT), Luke 1:26-38 (NLT), Luke 1:46-55 (NLT), Luke 2:13-14

Dec 09, 2018

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Come see the sights

Matthew 2: 1-4, Matthew 2:9-11 (NLT), (ESV),Exodus 33:20 (ESV), John 1:14-

Dec 02, 2018