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The Heights


Nov 2019 - Nov 2019


Stories have a unique way of capturing our hearts and minds. Stories help to simplify difficult and complex topics. That is why Jesus taught in parables. As is the case today, so many in Jesus’ time were not interested or ready to accept God’s truth. The parables that Jesus shared with those he encountered have helped millions upon millions of people understand what it means to truly follow God and grow in relationship with Him. Join us as we explore four of Jesus’ key parables.  God is not an out of touch creator but a loving father who is available, present, relevant and generous.

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Part 3 Comparison

Matthew 20:1-16 (NIV)

Nov 17, 2019

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11.9.19 Part 2 opportunity

Matthew 25:13-30 ESV, Luke 19:17 (NLT

Nov 10, 2019

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Healthy communication

Luke 11:1-12 ESV, Philippians 4:6 NLT,

Nov 03, 2019